Coordinator: Associate Professor Amber Pitt (Biology and Environmental Science)

The unifying theme for this minor is the sea and the multifaceted relationship to it enjoyed by people in the past, present, and future. The diverse influences of the sea on humankind find expression in history, literature, political science, economics, and the natural sciences. Courses in these disciplines, with the sea as common focus, provide a coherent and interdisciplinary perspective on the marine environment. This minor differs from other minors because it depends on courses offered in one of two off-campus programs, the Williams College-Mystic Seaport Maritime Studies Program and the Sea Education Association’s SEA Semester program. These off-campus programs usually accept only sophomores or juniors. Acceptance into the Marine Studies minor is contingent upon admission to the Williams-Mystic or SEA Semester Programs. Students must earn a minimum of C- for all courses counted toward the minor.

Course requirements:

The marine studies minor consists of six courses—four required core courses offered by the off-campus program, and two elective courses offered at Trinity. Two courses from Group A must be successfully completed prior to enrollment in either of the off-campus programs. Because a number of the courses (*) listed below are not offered in every academic year, it is recommended that students begin the course requirements for the marine studies minor no later than their sophomore year. The required core courses offered in the Williams-Mystic and SEA Semester programs are listed as Group B.

  • Group A. Courses in the sciences
    • * BIOL 141. Global Perspectives on Biodiversity and Conservation
    •     BIOL 182L. Evolution of Life
    • * BIOL 222L. Invertebrate Zoology
    • * BIOL 233. Conservation Biology
    •     CHEM 111L. Introductory Chemistry I
    •     ENVS 149L. Introduction to Environmental Science
    • * ENVS 230. Environmental Chemistry
    • * HIST 238. Caribbean History
    •     PHYS 101L. Principles of Physics I
    • * PBPL 302. Law and Environmental Policy
  • Group B. Required core courses (choose one program)
    • Williams-Mystic Program
      • Maritime history
      • Literature of the sea
      • Marine ecology or oceanographic processes
      • Marine policy seminar
    • SEA Semester Program
      • Marine environmental history
      • Maritime history and culture
      • Nautical science
      • Maritime studies
      • An alternative selection of courses in any given SEA semester
  • Integrating exercise for this minor is one of the following courses at either off-campus program:
    • Williams-Mystic Program
      • Marine policy seminar
    • SEA Semester Program
      • Maritime history and culture
      • Maritime studies
      • Directed research